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Lo-Benel - Queen of Rumba
« on: January 20, 2013, 08:47:56 pm »
No one can sing Rumba like Lo-Benel. She's beautiful, unpretentious Here is a brief article about Lo-Benel.
Photos that I have used are by the permission of Lo-Benel.

Back to Kinshasa where she was the guest of honor tribute concert Rochereau Tabu Ley-Lo Benel said during an interview with the News of Brazzaville his intention to return frequently to the land of his grandparents Parents Until morning, this is the title of his album of fourteen songs performed by JP Patenge-Productions. "Music is an art as well as literature, painting, poetry. However, there is good music that is eternal, but there are also bad music is forgotten very quickly. I took old songs, which in my opinion were not sufficiently valued, especially for the new generation, "she said. A way for her to return to the sources. born in Algeria, has lived in Brazzaville Plateau 15-Years at the age of 3 years. At age 6, she moved to the West and returned to Brazzaville in January 2012 for a musical tour. "Through this album, I wanted to make a nod to my ancestors, my mother and father who are no longer of this world, just by revisiting the music that was part of their lives. It was a way for me to make them live again, "she said. Benel Lo thinks he lacks a bit of creativity in Congolese music today: "While in the old songs that I picked, c ' is very distinct. We can recognize each player, each author. The songs are not very long, they can easily remember. I find myself in the register of the former rather than the Rumba today, "she says. Regarding "Until morning," as one of his songs from his album, it is symbolized by the fact that we can listen to without getting bored until morning because of its melodious sweetness. Also called "Mwana nkoï", which literally means "little panther" because of his uprooting of its natural environment, ensures Lo Benel back to basics. "Although I had children, but I was still missing something. Even if I had all the castles of the world: Congo of my childhood. For example, the house I left here, it remained intact in my memory and I thought about it all the time. So I really need to go here, it makes me want to come back again and I hope in the future more or less close to buy a house here to take my children, so they can see their land back grandmother, which is very important for me, "she requested. artistic Under a program is being implemented with the assistance of Cyriaque Bassoka distributor. Fespam participate in or be invited to parties still wishes to materialize his return to the roots. With a group composed of professional musicians Afrisa international managed by Dino Vangou, she hopes to find an opportunity for the Congolese shows what they do. Explaining the significance of his stage name, she said: "Lo, is taken from the name of my grandmother who was named one Lossokola Brazzavilloise and Benel are the initials of the first names of my two daughters. I want to have with me my feminine world, that is to say, my grandmother, my children. I travel with them. " In welcoming hospitality of the Congolese for their home, she found in Lingala "za mwana mboka Na, na bango Ndeko. Mohuta za te Na, na bango Lingui komona mingui mingui sika oyo. "In other words" they know that I am their sister, I'm not a stranger. Now, I want to be with them regularly. " Jean Dany Ébouélé & Josiane Mambou-Loukoula

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