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Festival Coeur Métis
« on: January 22, 2013, 07:34:19 pm »

Concert & dance with the company of the MONANAS Chrysogone Dianguaya on the occasion of the 3rd edition of METIS HEART FESTIVAL which will take place from January 24 to 27, 2013 in sports and cultural center Georges Pompidou in Vincennes.

Sprinkled with a small dose of modernity, rituals and rhythms of Africa and especially in Congo Brazzaville, will be honored.

From Congo Brazzaville, Chrysogone Dianguaya is a dancer and choreographer confirmed precursor of contemporary dance. For several years he led multiple actions artistic and sociocultural while seeking to promote and disseminate the African culture.

The Congo is ravaged by war since 1998, Chrysogone Diangouaya, attended the meeting of the European continent and perfected his own technique of expression with many contemporary choreographers (Germaine Acogny, Carlos Orta, Avi Kaiser, Louise Burn, Elsa Wolliastion ...)
He dances for Suzanne Linke (Germany) in the "Rooster is dead," including the city theater in Paris, Norma Claire (France) in just a touch of love, Jane Lloyd Francis (Wales) with Equilibrium Horse Thater.

Chrysogone Dianguaya is also and foremost:

- The creation in 1992 of the center of Corporal Expression, Drama, Contes, Percussion and African chants, which allows the scope of its research to create his own technique of contemporary expression (based on traditional dances Africa and the natural movements of the body) and give birth to the first contemporary dance company in Congo: the Ballet Theatre Monana.

- The creation in 1994 of the AJC, Association Brazzaville young designers whose goal is to help the maturation of young talent in order to make known to the great public, and in 1996 he initiated the first Choreographic Festival in Brazzaville, "Mabina Dance" that foment the emergence of many companies.

Chrysogone Diangouaya intends to give a boost to the association which organizes the Festival AMETIS Métis Heart to raise funds, part of which is dedicated to the financing of development projects in Africa to promote the autonomy of the poorest populations.

Attention! Places are limited! purchase tickets presale is on the association's website:

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